Fee Free Banking

How to avoid Paying Transactions Fees

Avoiding excess transaction fees is easy. Here’s how.

  • Internet Banking: Obtain balances, transfer funds between accounts and externally. BPAY® your bills. All Internet transactions are fee-free.
  • BPAY your bills: All BPAY transactions whether by phone or via Internet Bankingfee-free transactions.
  • Visa: use your Visa Debit Card wherever the Visa symbol is displayed. Specify that you wish to pay by Visa, pressing the “Credit” button and sign for the purchase. This is a fee-free transaction.
  • Direct Debit: As an alternative to making periodical payments, or writing cheques, pay your regular payments by direct debit. This is a fee-free transaction..
  • Make fewer cash withdrawals: If you’re withdrawing cash at an ATM, think ahead and draw out enough for future needs. Likewise, when purchasing goods by EFTPOS, ask for extra cash at the same time – it will only count as one transaction.
  • Ensure you have sufficient cleared funds: Avoid paying dishonour fees, transfer fees or declined ATM fees, by making sure you have sufficient cleared funds in your account before writing a cheque or attempting a withdrawal. By making a quick call to our Telephone Banking service on 1300 366 767 you will be able to verify your balance/s.
  • Investigate further accounts/loans etc which may be beneficial to you: Check out our full range of products & services – you’ll find them extremely competitive. Consider transferring your banking business to your Credit Union, thereby increasing your opportunity to receive further free transactions.

Additional Fee-Free Transactions

We also offer the following fee free transactions:

  • All deposits (including Payroll, Direct Credits, and over the counter)
  • VISA debit purchases – when you select the ‘CR’ button and sign for the transaction
  • VISA payments by phone or Internet
  • Direct Debits
  • Payments by BPAY
  • All transactions via our Internet banking service

As an added bonus we have:


  • No account keeping fees
  • FREE issue of member cheque book


If you have any questions, please contact us